About my fees


I accept instructions in the field of credit hire on the basis only of a privately-paid retainer.

I do not undertake work in this field on a conditional fee basis.

My fees for the written work that I undertake can be based on an hourly rate of £275 per hour plus VAT.

But I usually work on the basis of a “fixed fee”:  a fee agreed in advance for legal drafting, advisory work, and court appearances. I take into account how long a piece of work will take me, how complex it is, how much responsibility you are asking me to assume and draw up a fixed price quotation based on those factors.

Typical brief fees are £2250 plus VAT for an application, £3250 plus VAT for a half day appeal and £4250 plus VAT for a 1 day trial. For longer cases, please ask for an estimate.

My fees are competitive with my peers at the London and Manchester Bars in this area of legal practice.

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